About Us

about usIn 2003, a handful of Roman Catholic sisters responded to God’s call to continue their work of more than thirty-five years in Saint Charles Children’s Home, a safe haven for children victimized by trauma, abuse and neglect. We petitioned Rome, and on September 19, 2003 we founded the Daughters of Mary Mother of Healing Love. Our apostolate is not just about providing children a safe place to live. Just as we see Jesus healing everyone He meets in the pages of the gospels, we know that Jesus continues to heal today. Our work as Daughters of Mary is to bring the healing love of Jesus to those who are hurting. One of the great tools of healing we have learned to implement over the years is running. When St. Charles was a residential home, we ran to give kids healthy ways to channel intense anger and frustration and to enhance their self esteem.

Our Mission

The mission of the Running Nuns website is to promote the St. Charles  5k  (previously the St. Charles Children’s Home 5k) and to extend the spirit of our race throughout the year by interacting and sharing our insights into running. We especially focus on running for children and beginners and ways running can help heal from grief, trauma and abuse as well as enhance well being and self esteem.