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After my post yesterday about living with long-term obstacles to running, I was delighted to find a really great post on RunnerDude’s blog about staying motivated when you have injuries.  He lists 10 really good ideas to help get through down times.  Some of them I have used successfully but never thought to put in my post, such as using the time to fine-tune my nutrition and engaging the running community online.  My favorite one on the list, however, was to study up on running, and he lists a few books worth looking into.  Inspired by RunnerDude’s post, I looked into some books myself and I found a free book online called Running Fast and Injury Free by Gordon Pirie, who was a champion runner.  The book can be downloaded here.  The fact that it’s free is a great motivator for me right now, so I plan to check it out and report what I find.

Check out RunnerDude’s post for some really good tips:

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Sister Mary Agnes is the Event Coordinator of the Labor Day race, which has garnered national attention and has been featured in Runner’s World magazine and the CBS Early Show as well as many other publications.
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