First Impressions of Vibram Fivefingers

When my Vibram Fivefingers arrived in the mail on Monday, I was eager to put them on.  I have read, however, that wearing them too much too soon can cause muscle pain, etc., because our feet become weak from years of wearing shoes.  So, I have used a lot of restraint this first week with the Vibrams.  There is a good article about getting started in Vibrams here.
First of all, they are fun!  My first walk was for 45 minutes on a flat, paved surface.  My feet felt nice and snug and warm.  When I ordered, I opted for the KSOs because they cover the top of the foot.  I will be using these for hiking on trails and in the woods, so I wanted a way to keep pine needles, twigs and pebbles out.  Also, even though I am living in San Diego for another year to study, my real home is in New Hampshire and I wanted them to be reasonably warm.  I looked at the Flows for warmth, but decided that since I am in San Diego right now the KSOs were the best choice for me.
I have not experienced cramps or leg pains since wearing the Vibrams.  I think that is because I am starting slowly and because I have been doing long barefoot walks indoors to prepare for these.  My muscles went through the initial cramps a few weeks ago when I started walking barefoot.  I have had the Vibrams since Monday, but have only walked in them twice.  I am taking seriously the advice on different websites to start slowly!  My only trouble so far has been a small blister on the back of each heel.  That seems to be because I had the strap too tight the first day.  The second day I kept the strap a lot looser and fared better with the blisters.  I am looking forward to my first walk on a trail with these.  Flat pavement is one thing, but rocky trails are another.  I will be sure to report on how it goes!
Sister Mary Agnes

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Sister Mary Agnes is the Event Coordinator of the Labor Day race, which has garnered national attention and has been featured in Runner’s World magazine and the CBS Early Show as well as many other publications.
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5 Responses to First Impressions of Vibram Fivefingers

  1. Debbie's L'Bri says:

    Very interesting. I will keep watching what you have to say.

  2. Sister Mary Agnes says:

    Thanks Pete! It's funny, I have most of my trouble on my left foot, which is smaller than my right foot. The right foot fits perfectly, although I did get a tiny blister on that side too. I will keep the socks in mind, especially if the blisters continue to be a problem.

  3. Pete says:

    I had similar blister issues on my heels, and later realized that mine are a size too big (too late to exchange). I've been wearing Injinji socks with mine and they work great – have run in temps down to about 10 degrees here in NH with the KSO's without a problem. Socks solved my blister issue, and add a tiny bit of softness.

  4. Sister Mary Agnes says:

    Hi Keath, So far, I do not wear socks with the VFFs. I am really going to try hard to avoid having to wear socks with them-I'll report on how it's going.

  5. Keath says:

    Do you wear the VFFs with socks? If not, there are socks with separate toes you can wear with them if you think that might help with the blisters. I've been contemplating buying a pair (for almost a year now) and am looking forward to hearing more impressions as you use them more.

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