A Farewell Running Song

During the past few months I have written a couple of posts about I girl I have called “Anna.”  She came to live at St. Charles a little before Christmas, and was incredibly anxious and fearful about everything.  Anna flourished in our program and especially loved her daily runs with Sister Maximilian.  
A few days ago, Anna moved in with her new adoptive family.  In one of her last runs with Sister Maximilian, Anna decided to compose a goodbye song while running.  It went something like this:
Sister Maximilian!
I am gonna miss you!
I am gonna miss running with you too!
Sister Max-i-mil-ill-ian!
I love you, Sister Maximilian!
I am gonna miss you!
I like running with you too!
Sister Max-i-mil-ill-ian!
There were many more verses to Anna’s song, which continued for twenty minutes at the top of her voice during their 4 mile run together.  Unfortunately, we do not have it in audio form.  Since I am the blogger, I will also report that Sister Maximilan then composed a similar song for Anna as well!
Sister Mary Agnes

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Sister Mary Agnes is the Event Coordinator of the Labor Day race, which has garnered national attention and has been featured in Runner’s World magazine and the CBS Early Show as well as many other publications.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing more on 'Anna's' story, Sister.
    It sounds like she is doing really well.
    God bless all the children and Sisters!

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