Road Racing Confession

Hello Everyone,

This is Chris Bernier from  If you read Sister Mary Agnes’s previous post, you were fairly warned that I will be posting on here.

I have been running and racing for over 20 years…..and while I do not have any All American Titles or have been in the Olympic Trials, believe me, I have won my fair share of races, from 1 mile, to 5k’s to some ultra distances…. & can still hammer it out with the best of them to this day at almost any of those levels (Our company name, Sub5 is a mile time that, age 37, I can still hit).

I say that, not to be a show off, but only to make my next point….which quite frankly is more of a confession.

I am envious of those middle/back of the pack people.  There.  I said it.  I truly believe with all of my heart that it takes more strength, more guts and more heart to not just enter a race, but step up to the start line and then finish a race, when you know you are not going to win.


Because most of the people I meet from that group are overcomers. They have stories of overcoming something much bigger than I could have imagined.   An illness, a family member’s untimely death, a divorce, addiction or any other mountain (or valley) life throws at us sometimes.

Here I am at the front trying to maintain a 5 minute pace, “thinking” I am pushing my body to its limits, yet there is someone cranking a 10 minute mile giving it more than I ever could have.

And that’s what racing is all about.

I am not going to use the cliche, that “we’re all winners”.  No.  There is only one.  But everyone who enters this or any other race are champions….running their course…conquering their race…telling that that demon that it does not have permission to hold them back any longer.

I see that in every runner that enters and completes a road race.  I see that in the children living in this house (more about my tour in another post)…and I bet, if we meet on monday the 5th, I’ll see it in you.

So, are you in or what?  Let’s do this.  Come on race day to register.


I would love to hear your story.  Friend us on Facebook & post your story!

Peace & Blessings,

Chris Bernier


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