5K Weather Prediction

So many of you have the race bookmarked and are simply waiting to see what the race day weather will be like, right?  I made my earlier confession that I often do the same thing…especially for a 5K.

Well, we are less than a week away & I am going to make a weather prediction.  This isn’t based on wishful thinking or by simply checking weather.com.  No, something most of you do not know about me is that I am a closet weather nerd.   I have a set of websites I check and come up with what the real weather will be based on patterns of their previous predictions…..told you it was nerdy.

Using this method, I can usually predict the weather at my house and beyond more accurately than most weather sources.   For instance, my prediction for Irene…..heavy rain and wind…..nothing more.  Inland was going to see more flooding and the coast, more wind.   How did I do?

So here goes…..for race morning, we will see humid, cloudy, but somewhat cool weather with a possible thundershower in the afternoon (well after the 5K).   The temp at race start will be mid 60’s to low 70’s. (give me a break it is still a week away).

What does that translate to?

GREAT RACING WEATHER FOR A 5k.  Make sure you drink a bit more than usually (humidity) and hit the water stop.  I would bring an extra t-shirt and towel for the post race party, since you will be REAL sweaty.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s Race!


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