I don’t know where I would be….

Last week, I was researching some info for the race and I had  the privilege to speak to a former resident of the St. Charles Home.

Before I spoke to her, I was aware of the importance of the home and its impact it has had on many lives, but after the conversation, I gained a whole new perspective.

When I spoke to this young lady, I asked her what St. Charles meant to her….& she revealed some of her story…as “one of the worst child abuse cases the state has ever seen” and that is in her own words, “If it weren’t the love of the nuns at the St. Charles Home, I  truly do not know where me & my brother would be.” – former resident.

I don’t why her comment riveted me so much, but it did.  And for those of you who know me, I am not one of those that shows a lot of emotion, but this one really got to me.  This Home & 5K is making a difference that will affect whole generations.

Runners, races, walkers, your $20, can really make an impact. I know this is a shameless pitch, but come on; to give $20 & leave with a race t-shirt, a fully belly and to know you gave another kid an opportunity to hopefully say “I don’t know where I would be…..”, seems like a pretty easy decision.

Let’s Race!


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  1. Sister Mary Agnes Sister Mary Agnes says:

    Nice post Chris! It’s always good to hear when the kids truly recognize how much St. Charles helped them. Sometimes when they are still here, they have a hard time seeing past their current pain and the chaos of their situations.

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