Visiting the St. Charles Home for Children.

It is @ 1:30 am and I was about to call it a day when I thought that what I am about to say just cannot wait.

Sub5 Racing gets hired by many races to manage them at various levels. Most of these races are 1) 5K’s and 2) supporting a cause.  All of these causes are noble and I respect them…and the St. Charles Home for Children 5K, so I thought, is no different….a great cause organized and maintained by truly selfless people.

HOWEVER,  I had the privilege of getting a tour of the home last week & that changed my opinion forever.

Without diving into the details of my personal life, let me just say that I am not a stranger to the foster care system & the scars it leaves on kids or the challenges  that kids with special needs can present, therefore,  I was thought I knew what to expect.

I was wrong.

What I was expecting was a sterile, institution like home, that provided a safe, yet mainly standard facility.

What I found there was a home.  Someplace, I would feel safe and comfortable in.  Despite it housing up to 20 children, it felt like a caring, loving home….something some of these children probably have never had before.

It really struck me on how important this 5K race is to supporting this home.

We, at always strive to do our best for our clients, but after this tour, it really became personal.  If you are considering entering this race at all, I implore you to do so.

Not because I look good if more people sign up than last year, but because your $20. REALLY DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

I can vouch that the $$ is put into good use and that every child that goes through the home, comes out with a better shot at a good life than he/she probably has ever had before.

If you do not find this reason to be compelling enough to enter, please feel free to email me directly @ stating why.  I would be very curious to see your reasoning.

This is not meant to be a guilt entry, but merely a personal testimony to the great job that Sister Mary Agnes and other Sisters do here.

Peace & Blessings


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