Waiting Until Race Day to Sign Up?

Guilty as charged.

I am about to give you several reasons as to why you should not wait until race day to sign up.


I am probably the worst offender here.

I know all the reasons.  “I want to check the weather, I am not sure if I will be in shape, I have to see how my injury is healing up, I have to do my my hair, I am nervous, what if the rapture comes, I’ll be in Antarctica, I don’t have a babysitter” & on  & on they go.  Trust me, I have used most of these more than once (not telling you which ones though…but I will tell you, I have good hair).

So you figure, well, this way, I don’t waste the $20 if I can’t or do not want to show up.

Here are several reasons why these excuses wont work:

1)  What is the worse the weather will likely be?  Cold & rainy, right?  We are fairly confident there wont be a snow storm (although that would be cool) or it might be very hot.   There will be no shortage of water if it is too hot, if it snows, bring gloves and a hat & if it is cold and rainy, you might not hit your best time, but I can tell you from experience, that as soon as the gun goes off, you wont notice at all.

So, IF, you sign up ahead of time & you decide you don’t like the weather, guess what, all you did was donate $20 to the children of the St. Charles Home.

Is that such a bad thing?

2) Same goes for an injury.  If you get to race day and decide it would be more harmful to run because of your injury, I validate that (just recovered from a 10 miler on Mt Okemo), but again, what you did is donate $20. to the St. Charles Home if you can’t run….not a bad thing.

3) Picture being in a  line 40 runners deep for the “comfort stations”, 3 minutes to start.   Ya, some of you have been there before huh?

If we know we already have 1100 people registered, we can plan for these things accordingly (read: get enough porto potties).  However, if we have 600 pre registered and another 600  show up race day….well, it could get messy….no pun intended.

4) I have 3 kids under the age of 10….one of them with special needs, so believe, I know the whole, “I don’t have anyone to watch the kids” excuse.  Any little kid fits nicely into a runner stroller and any child over 5 is welcome to run.  THIS IS A KID FRIENDLY RACE.    You may not break a record pushing a stroller, but who cares?  Save your record for later.  This one is about the kids.

5) If you’ll be in Antarctica, well that’s pretty cool, so sign up and send us a picture of you running the “5K” with us!

So, again, what are you waiting for?  Let’s race!

5K road race online registration

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