You vs. the 3.1

Adversity.  We all have had to or are currently dealing with it in some way shape or form.  Just ask those that are still without power from the hurricane!

Adversity isn’t all that bad though….and no, this isn’t one of those “adversity will make you stronger, so enjoy it” pitches.

Don’t get me wrong, I currently have my fair share of adversity in my life & honestly, I am not enjoying it one bit.  HOWEVER, something positive I have noticed about adversity is that it brings people together.  When you’ve “been there” or are currently “there”, you can relate to others and you form an automatic bond.

For example, we faired pretty well during this hurricane out where I live (the monadnock region), however, during the ice storm of 2008, we were out of power for 16 days.  So when my relatives on the seacoast called to let me know they still didn’t have power yesterday, I could truly sympathize with them.

So what does this have to do with a 5K race?

Shared adversity.  A 5K race can be hard!   I go through a series of mental stages when running a race…and all of them go through the “I want to quit” phase.  I thought I was the only one who thinks this. However, after running 100’s of races and chatting with the fellows that are my friendly competitors at the end, I learned that they all do the same thing too!  We talk about what they thought of me when running and how strong I looked….when in reality I was within moments of quitting.  Meanwhile, I was thinking the same thing about them…just as they were seriously considering quitting too.


In others words, we can relate with each other and actually help each other during the race!

Whether you are at the front, middle or back of the pack, you are running with people who are going through what you are going through.  What a great time to encourage each other through the tough mental moments of the race!

So with that, I hope that when you are out there, you turn to the person next to you and give them the “I get what you’re going through” look and help each other out.

You’ll be surprised how encouraging this is to both them and you.

This is even more true BEFORE you even sign up for the race!  There are 100’s of people who came to the site, went to the registration page (I know this because I can track the activity ;-)), but never registered.

They bailed.

I’ve been there too.

Here is what we do.

Call up someone you know who is considering running the 5K and encourage them to register….you’ll find it will make you more excited to run and you  may even PR!  You likely have had it a bit rough in the last week with the hurricane, but so has everyone else.  Let’s run together, laugh about it & share this experience of being overcomers!   Test this idea and let me know how it goes!

Lets Race!


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