Exciting New Attractions at the 16th Annual St. Charles 5K

We have some exciting new sponsors who will be present at our race this year.  As all runners know, hydration is important, and sometimes hydration needs to be helped along with proper electrolyte balance.  This year, Vita Coco will be here, passing out drinks to runners who finish the race.  The idea for Vita Coco came from Brazil.  They tell their story:  “One evening in a Manhattan bar in February 2003, childhood friends, Ira Liran and Michael Kirban, were speaking with two young women they had just met from Brazil. When asked what they missed most about their country, one of the girls, without hesitation, answered “agua de coco.” Coconut water, she explained, is the most nutritious and delicious drink in the world.”

I tried Vita Coco myself this summer and really enjoyed it . . . and was absolutely thrilled when they agreed to come to our race.

Tommie Mattie and his team from Applebee’s in Newington will be there bright and early cooking their delicious Angus burgers and hot dogs.  If you think a hamburger is a bit much at 10 in the morning, you ought to give it a try.  After running the 5k, the hamburgers and hot dogs are a great hit.


I can’t go without mentioning Mother Paul Marie and her family who are busy in the kitchen making homemade Pizza while I am writing this blog post.  I tested the Pizza, and it’s awesome!  Alas, usually the fastest runners snatch up all the pizza before the slower runners and walkers make it to the food tent.  But don’t worry, there are lots of other good things to eat besides the Pizza.  Mother and her sister baked lots of cookies, banana bread, carrot cake and even some gluten free brownies!  Shhh–don’t tell!  I guarantee you would never know they were gluten free if I hadn’t given away the secret.  These brownies are incredible and taste like more!

We have a fantastic raffle after our race.  Look for your race number on the white boards near the announcer’s table.  If your number is there, you are welcome to come and pick up a raffle prize.  That goes for kids too!  A few of our bigger raffle items, however, will be drawn only after the awards ceremony.  A new sponsor on our raffle table is Red Hook from around the corner.  If you are a fan of the brewery, you will find some great merchandise to choose from.

I will be writing more posts about our sponsors, but in the meantime, please take a look at our Sponsors Page.  Without our Sonsors, we could not hold this wonderful event.  Sponsors not only provide food and raffle items, they pay part of your race entry fee.  It costs me well over $25 for every runner in the 5k race, but I have been keeping the price down so that more people can afford to come and join us.  Please notice and appreciate them!

Sister Mary Agnes

About Sister Mary Agnes

Sister Mary Agnes is the Event Coordinator of the Labor Day race, which has garnered national attention and has been featured in Runner’s World magazine and the CBS Early Show as well as many other publications.
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