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130 Miles or 3.1?

Road for Hope – that’s what 50 St. Anselm College Students are doing, walking 130 miles from Lewiston, ME to St. A’s.

The Road for Hope is based on the idea that by simply walking through the countryside we can change the world for the better.  The Road for Hope seeks to provide funds for those in need, strengthen the bonds in our communities, and rekindle the belief that every footstep makes a difference.

In a time when most of us are speeding through life, the Road for Hope speaks to the value and joy of a slow walk.  It is in this spirit that the students and staff of Saint Anselm College, and many others along the way, unite to walk a Road for Hope.” (taken from )


They are walking 150 miles, we are just asking you to walk or run 3.1 miles?  What do you say?  Will you join us?  Click here to register.  Pre-registration closes on September 1st at 9:00 p.m.  Same day registration is $30.

Follow the Road for Hope blog.

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Pre-registration Closes on September 1st

Hurry up  before pre-registration closes for the 20th Annual St. Charles Children’s Home 5K!   Pre-registration is $20 (13 and over) or $10 (12 and under). Remember,  same day registration for 13 and over is $30. Save yourself $10 and the boredom of waiting in line to register the morning of the race by registering NOW!

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Volunteers Needed!

We are looking for volunteers to help out the day of the race in various areas including kids crafts, pre-registrations, parking, raffle area and those that are willing to just go where we need them the most the morning of the race.  If you can help please contact Jennifer at 603-332-4768 or <>.

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Awesome T-shirt Design – Thanks Atkinson Graphics!

It’s the 20th Annual St. Charles Children’s Home 5K Road Race and Dave at Atkinson Graphics designed an AMAZING t-shirt for us!  Don’t you LOVE it! Make sure you register soon to get your free t-shirt in the size you prefer.

20th Annual 5K T-shirt

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Free Fun Run and Activities for Kids!

Don’t worry about the kids being bored at our 5K!  There are many arts & crafts activities to occupy their time.  If running or walking a 5K is just too much for  your littlest ones,  we have a FREE Fun Run for boys and girls ages 2-5 and 6-7.  Everyone gets a ribbon and the top boy and girl runner in each age group gets a trophy!  They do need to be registered, look for the Fun Run registration table located near the main tent.  

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Applebee’s Hamburgers and Hotdogs!

As I am writing this it is just about lunch time and I am starving, so it’s probably not the best time to be telling you that Tommy and  his gang from Applebee’s will be at the race again this year!  I have to admit,  I have never taken the time to eat a burger or hotdog at the race because it can get a little crazy at times! But, I have watched many runners enjoying them! Just close your eyes and imagine the juice of the burger running down your hand or the crisp sound when  you bite into that hotdog…….  

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New Course Map

Now that the 4th of July  has come and gone, it is time for us to really focus on the Road Race. On this day s months from now you will be home relaxing after having run or walked an amazing race!  Yup, it’s only two months away!

While I was away on vacation our course was remeasured and is being submitted for certification.  I have posted the new course map  as  Dave said that if they require any changes he expects them to be minor and not effect the overall look of the course map.

Oh AND –  Don’t forget to register and get your free t-shirt!

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Course Will be Re-measured and Certified this Week!

Sister Mary Agnes will be meeting with Dave Abbett on Friday out at the Tradeport to re-measure and certify our course.  Goosebay Drive will be eliminated from the race course due to construction.  Our plan is to move the starting line back, have participants continue on Corporate Drive  into Martin’s Point towards the finish line.  That’s our plan, we’ll see how it measures out!  A new map will be posted as soon as it’s available.

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Registration is OPEN!

We finally opened registration this morning!   Welcome to Lightbox who will be handling  our on-line registrations. We chose  Lightbox this year for their ease of registration and  for some added features we think you will enjoy! Sign-up to have your race results texted to your cell phone and/or posted directly to your Facebook page.  You can even have your results automatically emailed or texted to other people, or sign up to track a friend’s results.   iResult displays will be available  on race day  so  you can review your results as soon as you finish.   What are you waiting for?  Register TODAY!

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Slightly New Course for 2016

Please note that the course for the 20th Annual St. Charles Children’s Home 5K taking place on September 5, 2016 will change slightly.  The Pease Tradeport Authority has notified us that Goosebay Drive might be closed for our 5K on Labor Day.  Our course will still be certified and a new course map will be posted once it is available. We have kept the current map posted so new participants can have an idea of the race course.  We are hoping the only adjustment needed will be moving the start and/or finish line.

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